CBS offers the highest quality and most professional cleaning services in all of Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and all of Southern California.

Our expertly prepared custodians, housekeepers, supervisors and managers, are all trained in-house at our corporate offices in Orange, California. Our employees are just that…, our employees. We do not subcontract and our team members have access to healthcare benefits usually not found in most contract non-union cleaning companies.

About Us

Coastal Building Services, Inc. is the product of several prominent Southern California building maintenance contractors coming together. In 1998, the principal managers merged their respective companies and CBS was born. The ownership and management all entered the business in the early eighties and grew their companies independently. All night and office management have a vested interest in the company and our employees have access to some
of the best benefits in the industry.

CBS, Inc. is a full service contract cleaning company serving all of Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barbara and all of Southern California.

We are compliant with all government labor laws, insurances and programs to include OSHA and JCAHO. We work closely with our insurance provider on new programs and continuing employee education.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your team.



Choosing the best janitorial cleaning service to keep your facility clean and promote a healthy environment is important to the success of your business.

Environment Services

Trust your EVS Department to Coastal. We are currently servicing multiple hospitals, clinics, mental health facilities and surgery centers.

Hospitality & Housekeeping

Choosing the best janitorial cleaning service to keep your facility clean and promote a healthy environment is important to the success of your business.


With a wide ranging client list of municipal government, Counties and Cities from Ventura County to South Orange County, we have the qualifications in place and come pre-qualified.

dayporters & Special Events

We can provide uniformed day staff for commercial office campuses, special events and hospitality. These employees are professionally trained, have appropriate attire and excellent communication skills.

Ancillary & Services

Machine scrubbing, machine stripping, high speed burnishing and interim maintenance programs available. We are experts in the field of hard floor care to include vinyl, ceramic, porcelain and all surfaces found in today’s’ facilities.

Outsourcing Advantages

1. You don’t have to hire another employee. Hiring another employee means paying wages/salary for yet another staff member, not to mention health insurance, paid vacation and sick days, insurance for unemployment and injuries, and other benefits. In contrast, when you outsource to Coastal Building Services, Inc., you pay the contract amount – and that’s it.

2. You don’t have to dedicate your valuable staff resources to the task. The alternative to hiring a new employee is making one or more existing employees responsible for the task. You have two choices in this scenario: dedicating one employee to the task and reassign his or her responsibilities, or spreading the task out between multiple employees. Either way, your employees will have more work and more stress, which can eventually hurt your business via higher rates of absenteeism, poorly done work, and higher turnover rates.

3. You can focus on running your business. Too often, when a small business needs services such as office cleaning, it falls upon the owner to take care of it. This can severely reduce the amount of time you have to run your business, ultimately reducing your chances of success.

Any successful business knows that outsourcing is a necessary factor in their success. Don’t waste your valuable time and resources on details such as keeping your workplace clean, no matter how necessary they are – outsource to Coastal Building Services, a qualified commercial cleaning company.



  • Hospitality, Resort and Private Membership Housekeeping
  • High-rise and Office Campuses
  • Schools/Education
  • Churches
  • Medical and Hospital Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Plants
  • Commercial and Managed Properties
  • Retail
  • Residential Communities
  • Computer Rooms and Raised Flooring


We are a full service contract cleaning company. We provide a turn-key approach to your custom needs therefore reducing your per call charges. We are a premium service offering competitive rates.


Our management and supervision have some of the longest tenure in the industry. Our
principal night management have over 35 years experience in the hospital EVS department.


We feel it is far greater to retain a client than to gain a new one. At CBS Inc., we look forward to your company as a client and allowing us to provide you with the same quality that our existing clients receive.

Dedication Through Communication

Our entire corporate profile is based on accessibility and communications. Upon acceptance of our proposal your staff will be introduced to our corporate team, from the janitorial staff to the business owners. You will always know who your immediate contact is and how to reach him or her. We take full advantage of the latest technology from daily communications through or log-book or conversing by e-mail. CBS, Inc. is here for you.

When we earn your business we will develop a program of regular site inspections and visitations. This proactive program will help evaluate our progress and keeping you, our contract, knowledgeable of your facilities’ cleanliness.

Floor and Carpet Care

CBS, Inc. will provide and analysis of your flooring and recommend the most efficient and cost effective program for appearance protection and safety. Programs and options are available;

  • Stripping, sealing and refinishing
  • High speed burnishing
  • Interim scrub and recoat
  • Spray buffing
  • Static dissipative and non-conductive program
  • Retail chain floor programs
  • Carpeted Floors
  • Machine Extraction
  • Spin bonnet and interim maintenance programs
  • Dry clean method
  • Water damage, emergency service and deodorizing

Corporate Office
Coastal Building Services, Inc.
1433 W. Central Park Ave. N. Anaheim, CA. 92802
[email protected]
Phone: 714-630-4445
Fax: 714-630-4499

Polo Arias – President and CEO
[email protected]
Day operations

Brett Dunstan – VP, CFO and Sales
[email protected]
Business development/sales and safety

Alberto Melendez – Director of Operations
[email protected]
Night operations

Rafael Perez – Night Operations Manager
[email protected]
Night supervision

Marina Pohl – Office Manager
[email protected]

Dalila Baltazar – Administrator
[email protected]