Environmental Services (EVS) may represent only a part of a hospital’s overall cleaning, but its impacts are significant when you’re in the business of caring for people. Hospital EVS is about more than just cleaning. It’s first-line defense for infection control. Assuring a clean, safe facility helps build confidence and patient satisfaction.

Coastal Building Services has developed its Environmental Services Department to become a premier supplier of hospital and medical housekeeping in the Orange County/Southern California arena.

Our specialists provide high-quality hospital cleaning service that is responsive. We develop a plan of action that highlights opportunities for improvement and results in environmentally conscious cleaning practices, better processes, increased efficiency, and consistently high levels of cleanliness to prevent the spread of communicable disease and hospital-acquired consequences while maintaining a focus on patient care.

We repeatedly meet and exceed the regulatory standards and guidelines put forth by the Joint Commission for proper cleaning and sterilization of each medical facility we serve.

Moreover, our highly trained and proficient staff understand that their job is not only to clean the hospital, but when called upon, interact with the patients they meet, in a professional yet friendly manner. This is a result of our tireless effort to recruit and train the best employees. Once our team members meet the criteria of our hiring practices, our Campus Directors ensure that ongoing proactive management, safety, compliance and client standards are met.

As a result of pairing both a superior cleaning standard and work ethic with a team of courteous and hard-working individuals, we have become the company hospitals call first to meet their cleaning needs.